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Since the Australian Good Beer Directory was launched in 1996 the number of new, small breweries operating in Australia has exploded. In addition to the breweries themselves, which are the main concern of the AGBD, many businesses have emerged which produce and sell beer, but without setting up their own breweries.
This page has been established especially for them. These businesses generally use existing microbreweries to produce and package the beer which they then market independently. They range from businesses which have their own brewer, who designs the beer and then brews it using another's equipment, to others which employ no brewer but rely largely on the contractor for this service. They include businesses with their own retail outlet or outlets, and others which only wholesale. Some may even be using a contract brewing arrangement as an interim measure before setting up their own breweries. When this happens we will move their details from this page to the main "brewery list" of the directory.
  • Legless Brewing  Melbourne
  • St Arnou
  • Brewtopia  Sydney
  • Boynton's Brewing Company  Porepunkah Victoria
  • Nischwitz Cole Brewing  Victoria
  • Bowral Brewing Company  New South Wales
  • Fish Rock Brewery  New South Wales
  • Wineglass Bay Brewing  Tasmania
  • Barons Brewing  Victoria
  • Fusion Brewing  Sydney
  • McLaren Vale Brewing  South Australia
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