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Geebung Polo Club


85 Auburn Road,
HAWTHORN. Vic. 3122.


The Traditional Brewing Company's first pub-brewery venture in Melbourne was at the old Aberdeen Hotel in North Fitzroy which, after its lavish restoration, became known as the Loaded Dog. The Loaded Dog opened in August 1986, and was so successful that the company undertook a similar venture in the Auburn Hotel in Hawthorn. This became the Geebung Polo Club where brewing commenced in the first half of 1989. When the second pub-brewery was operational, the company sold the Loaded Dog where brewing was soon discontinued by the new owners.

Brewing continued at the Geebung Polo Club for ten years, until 1999, and during this time it became well known for such standards as Cobungra Bitter, Yellow Mongrel (wheat beer), and Razorback Stout.

Although brewing has now ceased at the Geebung Polo Club, the spirit of the Traditional Brewing Company has been kept alive. Many micro-breweries have come and gone during the last decade or so, and the equipment from one failed or abandoned brewery has often reappeared in a new operation, sometimes in another state or even another country. In the case of the Geebung Polo Club, its brewery is now at work in the Melbourne suburb of Richmond, in the new Mountain Goat brewery.



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Yellow Dog
RazorBack Stout

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