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Holgate Brewhouse


Holgate Brewhouse Pty. Ltd.
41 South Rd.,
Woodend. Vic. 3442



This new brewery, which commenced operation late in 1999, is situated in the town of Woodend, halfway between Melbourne and Bendigo. Only two beers are produced at this early stage and these are described below. Both are top-fermented, naturally carbonated, unfiltered, and unpasteurised. There are very few outlets for Holgate beer at this time, but bottled supplies can be purchased at Johnson's Liquor Store in Woodend, at Kendall's Wine Merchants in South Yarra (Melbourne), and at the Great Britain Hotel, Church Street, Richmond.



Beers brewed include:

  • White Ale (5.2% alc)
    Styled after the famous 'wit bier' or white beer of Belgium. Light in colour and based on a combination of wheat and barley malts, White Ale has a tart citrus and spicey/fruity flavour profile.
  • Old Pale Ale (5.0% alc)
    Characterised by strong hop aroma and high hop bitterness, balanced by a full malt flavour. Produced using a blend of special roast and crystal malts, giving a full creamy texture and light nutty, roast flavour.

White Ale

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