Buffalo Brewery

Boorhaman Hotel
Boorhaman Rd.
Boorhaman Vic. 3678
Tel: (03) 5726 9215
Fax: (03) 5726 9215
Email: info@buffalobrewery.com.au
Web: www.buffalobrewery.com.au

The Buffalo Brewery, Boorhaman, is reputedly the smallest commercial brewery in Australia, if not in the world, with a brew length of only about 80 litres. The brewery commenced operation in 1996 at the Boorhaman Hotel, which is situated 12km north of Wangaratta in north-eastern Victoria. The brewery took its name from the former Buffalo Brewery in Wangaratta, which operated during the first half of the twentieth century. The Boorhaman Hotel and Buffalo Brewery were taken over in September 1999 by Steve Hill and Greg and Leanne Fanning who presently operate the business.
Buffalo beers are produced from malt (no concentrate) and sugar, using water drawn from a spring at the brewery. They are available at the hotel on tap and in 330mL bottles.


  • Buffalo Lager (4.5% alc)
  • Buffalo Stout (4.5% alc)
  • Buffalo Dark Ale (4.5% alc)
  • Buffalo Wheat Beer (4.5% alc)
  • Buffalo Ginger Ale (4.5% alc)
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Buffalo Brewery

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