Independent Brewery
50 Swann Drive
Victoria 3028


This brewery is included in our list more for the sake of completeness than anything else. It is large (we haven't seen it, but believe it to be a 200hL plant), so it doesn't really fit the scope of this directory except that it is not owned by either of the big two. It was set up on the outskirts of Melbourne in 2002 by Independent Liquor, a private New Zealand company headed by Michael Erceg who died in 2005 in a helicopter crash.
Independent Liquor is in the process of being sold, so there may be some changes in store for the Laverton brewery. In its time it has produced some very ordinary beers (such as Regal Lager and Blacksmith Bitter, in 440mL cans), as well as its current standard, Haagen Lager. The plant also uses a lot of its capacity churning out pre-mixed spirits drinks, so it's not even a serious brewery (as suggested by the business name, Independent Distillers).

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