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Since the mid-1980s a large number of new, small-scale breweries have come into operation across Australia. It is difficult, however, for beer drinkers to keep track of and get in contact with these new additions to the Australian brewing industry. The Australian Good Beer Directory has been created to solve this problem; to provide beer drinkers with up-to-date information about these small, independent breweries and their products.

The small number of very large brewing companies which produce by far the majority of Australian beer all have vast publicity arms which keep their products constantly in the public eye. The much larger number of very small businesses which have sprung up in the last decade or so, however, have far less capacity for self publicity, and most remain nationally inconspicuous. The products and activities of these small operations are the principal concern of the AGBD.

The Australian Good Beer Directory provides discerning beer drinkers with a readily accessible, centralised database of information about the smaller, less well-known Australian breweries and their products, together with links to the brewers' own web sites. It will help to put drinkers in contact with new beers, and small brewers into contact with new clientele. We will endeavour to keep the AGBD up to date and complete, and invite users-including the brewers themselves-to provide information which will help us to achieve this aim.


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